Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Giardino Bardini

Want the Boboli gardens without the queues? You may be in luck. Ignored, forgotten, or simply unknown to many, when you buy a ticket for the Boboli gardens you also gain access to another green oasis in the city a mere five minutes walk away. The beautiful, and far more elusive sanctuary of Villa Bardini and its ornate gardens holds a famous flight of baroque steps, fringed with irises, delicate mosaiced archways, and flowerbeds. I'd recommend a visit in a heartbeat. 

The famous stairs ascend to a beautiful viewing platform and tea room, where you can buy a refreshing drink and sweet pastries, enjoying both with expansive views of Florence. Meandering through the garden you can find areas dedicated to medicinal plants, a 'fountain of the dragon', replica English woods and a medieval 'farming area' complete with hillside terraces planted with olive trees. The gardens aren't exactly a hidden gem, but they're certainly a welcome alternative to the classic tourist trail. There are also some excellent lemon trees round the back of the Villa with gorgeous views out over the city. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth the climb up the hill, and tackling all those steps.